Silkolube 20W-50W 4Litre


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  • SAE Viscosity – 20W-50
  • Viscosity Index (VI) – 130
  • Performance Level – API: SF/CC
  • Zinc as ZDDP (ppm) – 1100 Typical
  • Base Oil Group – Group 1
  • Detergent-Dispersant Package – Low

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For cherished classic motorcycles SILKOLUBE 20W-50 is a multigrade motor oil developed for economical protection of many petrol engines in classic motorcycles operating under normal service conditions over a wide range of temperatures.

Silkolene Classic Silkolube comes with many benefits:

  • Good detergent / dispersant performance to ensure engine cleanliness.
  • Good anti-wear, anti-oxidation and anti-rust properties.
  • Viscosity and performance level suited to older engines.


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